Three Unforgettable Picnic Destinations Await

Some of my happiest memories of living in Lake County are the times our family packed a picnic and disappeared into nature for an afternoon. With so many scenic destinations, it’s been rather difficult to narrow them all down. But here are my three top picks for the ultimate picnic experiences in Lake County.

  1. No picnic is complete without a Sunset magazine view. Nestled on the shores of Clear Lake, only a few miles outside the quaint town of Kelseyville, is Clear Lake State Park, home to numerous wildlife on its spacious 590 acres. Take a stroll on the boardwalk and peek into the world of wildlife in their wetlands, or explore Clear Lakes’ spacious shores by boat or kayak. However you choose to spend your time, nothing will beat a leisurely meal with views of spectacular Clear Lake’s basin and Mt. Konocti. It’s by far one of the best sights in Lake County, perfect for making any occasion that much more magical or a weeknight dinner far from ordinary.
  1. There’s no better way to kick off a summer weekend than attending at least one of Lakeport’s live Concerts in the Park at the gazebo in Library Park. This family event is for the young, old, and everything in between. Come early by boat or by car. Pack a picnic, or pick up a meal at one of Lakeport’s many fine dining venues. Then spread a blanket and kick off your shoes to spend a leisurely evening singing, dancing, and swaying to the music where the dance floor is grass and there’s room for everyone. Sure, live concerts are happening all over California, but how many come with a backdrop as breathtaking as Clear Lake? The only complaint you might have is when the concert ends.
  1. As the temperature rises, head up to cooler weather at Boggs’s Mountain Demonstration State Forest. Get an early start and enjoy hiking or biking on one of their many trails with scenic views. Take in the scope of Cobb, Mt. Hannah and, on a clear day, the Sierras. Then, find a picnic table under the pines to enjoy a peaceful meal. And if the whole experience becomes too sublime for you to leave the mountain, Cobb has you covered. Take a dip in the Pool at Loch Lomond RV and Resort and refresh yourself with a snack or dinner at the Roadhouse. And when the heat of the day passes, head back to Boggs Mountain, where you can find treasure in the slant of the fading sun. Scattered over the red dirt of Boggs Mountain, Lake County, Diamonds wait to be discovered. 

Arguably, Lake County is home to many more spectacular picnic spots, and if you haven’t experienced at least one of these, you’re missing out. But let’s not forget that some of the most memorable picnics can be in your own backyard. The point is this: Picnic season is just beginning, and memories are waiting to be made. So, let’s fit in as many as we can in 2024!

Trudy Wakefield

Trudy is the owner and editor for The Bloom. The Bloom's dedicated to showcasing all the good parts of life. If it's good news, you'll probably find it here.


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