Two Poems by Dawn-Dyanna Dhyanna

Midwinter in the Forest
solstice rain rouses sleepy earth 
     from winter dreams --
forest floor pores sodden,
     oozing droplets 
          slipping into streams;
stubbly sedge stretches lazily 
    into hazy sky 
as mute sun filters 
     through stirring sugar pines --
sparking shimmer in stunted shoots, 
    singed by the death of winter;
our wakening world 
    lit in the glitter dazzle 
of a thousand silver sequins.

Sit Silent 
Sit silent.
Sneak between fleshy folds 
of this murky night 
and fasten your listening     
to the beat of your breath.
Sit still  
with your broken confidence.
As a wolf with a blistered paw, 
      you rock him in your lap 
until he dozes and snores away his ills.
Allow the death of silence 
to devour your devils; rip into
their muscles with eager fangs, 
a grand demolition 
with teeth and jaws; lip-smacking gusto 
and grease at the corners of a glutted grin. 
Ravaged, your innards gouged out 
like a rotting squash, relieved
of all that was not forged
from your bones or blood.
You rise, lock eyes
with the pale light 
     of a new moon.
Dawn-Dyanna Dhyanna

Dawn-Dyanna Dhyanna, M.A. Ecstatic Nature Poet Dawn-Dyanna’s most inspired writing arises in nature – while hiking steep, silent trails in the company of redwoods. Former radio arts talk-show interviewer; intuitive counselor and purveyor of financial services wizardry for 30 years. Poetry is her beloved. Along with an African parrot.


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