Two Poems by M.R. Mandell

Tinsel, a Love Story
They fell in love squished between 
rolls of Rudolph wrapping paper 
and a plastic nativity scene
missing its Baby Jesus. 
He was drawn to her sparkle. 
The way she shimmies in the 
reflection of the red and green.
How she drapes each limb, 
silver dancing through the air.
She couldn’t resist his gold
braiding the fir from its starry
crown to its flowing skirt. Tinny
elegance cascading the hearth,
twisting the staircase, hugging
her metal heart.
Their romance beat the odds.
No longer in vogue, they know
they are lucky to shine.
That many of their friends
are crumpled up with used
tissue and ribbon, left out 
in the cold.
When January comes, it’s 
time to return home, 
curled together under the 
bulbs and lights, waiting 
another year for their 
love to glow.

Heaven’s Day
Heaven rises at the crack of dawn. Stretches, breathes, smiles down at Earth. So much to do.
So much to prepare. So many to welcome, so few to turn away.
She’s called on her angels to pearl the gates, fluff the clouds, size the wings, rainbow 
the bridge. Ready the names. The sunbather that traded her life for the drowning baby, 
grandmother who raised nine kids all alone, Golden Retriever that loved the newborn even 
though she took his spot on the bed, the Special Ed teacher whose students were his kids, 
the young father who flew off a bridge, soldier split apart by shrapnel, immigrants swimming 
for their freedom, the mother marching for her murdered son, her murdered son.
All the others who did their best, tried to be good. 
With a twinkling tear, Heaven nods her head, raises her arms, opens the gates, brings them home.
M.R. Mandell

M.R. Mandell is a writer living in LA with her husband & Golden Retriever, Chester Blue. You can find her work in Pile Press, Boats Against the Current, Chill Subs & others.

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