Two Poems by Melissa Bentley


Yo soy en Mexico
     y soy con mi
cabeza escogiendo lo que deseo hacer con toda mi vida y
     mi vida escogiendo lo que va a hacer conmigo,

The Eternal Struggle for Peace

I want to say something, but I'm not sure what it is.
     I'm going to Albuquerque; that's one thing.
I'm not giving up on us, am just calling a truce.
     Tell me about your own rose garden as you go alone. (Freudian     
     slip; was meant to be "as you go along.")
I don't love you. I've changed, too — and don't know how to relate the difference.
     Consider that we're hanging on to a pattern of misery, not to each other.
Forgive me. And do you see a point in keeping in touch - whereabouts, addresses?
     I fear forgetting about you, as I don't trust a future.
I am now in the present. My own fantasy world is real. I don't trust people.
     My decision is Albuquerque. We cannot be together now. What 
     did you mean?
My long letter to you I've discarded - lack of realness somehow.
It's your decision, man.
Melissa Bentley

Melissa Bentley was born in Dayton, Ohio in 1946. She moved to Lake County in 1997, where she worked as a social worker until 2011. She has self-published Euphoria – and other things, a short fantasy novel. She retired in 2011, and now lives on Cobb Mountain. She enjoys watching and feeding many varieties of birds, squirrels, and deer. She even feeds the raccoons who climb in the window of her “cat room” where her semi-feral cat stays. Her time nowadays is spent enjoying the wildlife, her three dogs, reading on her deck in the sunshine, watching movies, and fooling with her computer.

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