Two Poems by Tom Squitieri

2 Deer Morning

It is clear that 
the morning is unsettled
Though all the pieces hint of familiar,
Harmony is wandering
A road of hundreds previous trips
this morning, undefined
Strange, gustatory swirlings
A different fog of permeation 
One appears 
on the left side of the calcareous road
Calm, knowing, glancing 
At me 
I wait for
It to nod
To okay my proceeding
as my halcyon eyes flood its spirit
the aura full stops
Ignites the hippocrene
Down more the mellifluous road
Just scantly familiar
Throwing myself open
To the impresario of the sky
the buoyant brilliant moon 
Keeping its secret sliver for just us
A second appears, 
Crossing in front 
Eyes look deep into me 
Speaking in silent deer tones
I listen carefully and intently, 
A piccola touch of touch
The only language that matters,
The only I need to remember
from the faint heart 
to this agro dolce roadway
They have come to me
Insisting that I dance 
on the stage of life, 
To share our 
rising smile in the morning
with our dreams,
leave ringing phones unanswered,
Fish for trout in our secret flow,
To start the summer fade
show the plummeting world 
grace and radiance 
That is reserved 
for only a few
And count the days,
For they are ending

l Sorriso Che Nasce Dal Tuo Amore

They bring me twigs now
And odd pieces of plastic
Am I to review each 
Before it finds the permeant just right spot?
Or is it just a form of sharing?
The birds and squirrels flocking from their
Nests to mine
Reminding me
Insisting to me
I am one of them
A different spring, this time
Strong storms that sooth
Wind and noises that warm the deep darkness
Still life shadows
Encouraging to share
Do not anticipate normal
Now, more dreams are uncertain in panoply 
To pull me deeper into their vast world
More intent they are, around the clock
Sometimes I see them
Always I feel them
They ask more and more
Almost insistently
Where is my secret weapon?
We know she is somewhere
They put me in a white shirt
Symbolic of the light that waits
As I meld into
A thin healing white beam
Emanating from a pinhole winking from the sky
It becomes a spotlight on the stage
Waiting for me to finally
Transform and begin
The sky scrambles,
Telling us not to hold back
The creative energy swirling in it
spirit animals are the conductors
It is magnificent
il sorriso che nasce dal tuo amore 
fa sì che anche le nuvole 
si trasformino in sole
The door is unlocked
Yearnings whisper from down the hall
Knowing of the pleasures you have
Not even dreamed about
We are born to be lovers
Unforgettable chapters telling me
 that now they
are finally
To be written
I am flawed but real
Find me
Tom Squitieri

Tom Squitieri is a three-time winner of the Overseas Press Club and White House Correspondents’ Association awards for work as a war correspondent. His poetry appears in several publications and venues. He writes most of his poetry while parallel parking or walking his dogs, Topsie and Batman.

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