Wander: by David N. Donihue

Today our minds will wander
In directions unknown 
Just seconds prior
They will wander from regret
And wander from reworking
They will wander from longing
And wander from instigating
Today our minds will wander
Into the atoms that make up everything
Where one gets his energy 
is where my mind is heading
Do the neurons send and receive
a simplistic love that
that’s easy to breath
Or do they recycle the negative things
Twist and turn the heart until the mind is useless
Waisted molecules when the past replaces dreams
When the mind stops roaming
And you’re left in stagnancy
So full of mourning 
the loss of discovery
When the mind stops roaming
Petty grievances become one's peace
Wack job tongues, senseless cruelty
The kind of shit that gets your car keyed
Dear God, Jesus Please
I forgive this world 
for all its deeds
Reckon with life
Reckon with me
Flush the residue,
In me and him and her and we 
Until the heart feels renewed
And the brain goes free
Flush the residue
For all of mankind
and, yes
Please, me
Let me wander past 
what pits me against me
Today our minds will wander
Into the nothingness 
of love unending
They will pointlessly even ponder
what could repaint everything
And yes they will definitely wonder
What good lies within each man
The true beauty of life
Perfectly revealed within
They will wander into new colors
They will wander into themes
And somehow uncover
What unifies our deepest dreams
Today our minds will wander
They wander to no real end
Today our minds will wander
Until we feel human again
Until we feel human again

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Author Bio:

David N Donihue is a lifetime artist in multiple disciplines including poetry, filmmaking and all forms visual. He has penned screenplays for independent films, written and directed hundreds of short-form works for major label releases, collaborating and working for the likes of KSI, Morcheeba, Thomas Gold, Breathe Carolina, Ruslan Sirota, Blasterjaxx, and more. 
He is currently releasing The Poetry Verse, a series of high-end videos made of his poems. As a fulltime writer director of over 20 years, he wrote the Film Fare Award Nominated Picture (Best Screenplay and Best Story) Parzania, as well as The Bang.

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