We Grow in Grace – Poetry by Stephanie Lawrence

We grow in grace as years go by
And learn to see life’s truth
Encounters good and bad, we face
Lessons from the Learning Booth
The booth of time, where wisdom lies
Each truth we learned you’ll see
Etched into brow, with shoulders bent
The weight of life we now carry
You see the old forgetful man
Shuffling down the street
If you knew this sunny day
That man, someday soon you’ll be
Someday when time catches you
Those lines, now on your face
When you awake that fateful day
That you have grown in grace
And you will wonder as we do
How time has gone so fast
And where is all this wisdom
We heard about? we ask
How is it that I’m so wise
Because of years gone by?
Yes, my dear, I’ve learned a lot
But sometimes wisdom’s on the fly
I’m old as such, as I should be
I’ve put in lots of days
But I still wonder what to do
And sometimes what to say
But please, don’t treat me like a child
Or talk down to me now
I’m not your sweetie or your dear
I bear a wrinkled brow
My wrinkles say for all to see
I’ve earned the right today
To be treated with respect
There’s not much more to say
Know only this, yes, it’s true
That I am old and gray
But smart too, and sometimes wise
With good things left to say
Stephanie Lawrence

Originally from Los Angeles, Stephanie Lawrence has lived in and loved Lake County for 50 years. Lakeport is her home. She has 4 children, 11 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren, and is soon to be a great-great-grandmother come January. She found that her love of writing has increased with age and that being older does not mean incompetence. She has one book, "Choices, parts one and two" on sale now, and a second, "Poems, Stories, and Dreams", due out in January. She recently finished her third book, "Sleeping with a Monster, the evil within", and is currently working on three more. Always by her side, is her constant companion Mollie, a little long-haired miniature dachshund who has owned her for 3 years.

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