Wine, Ice Cream, Gifts, and a Facial: Sophie’s Day Spa

Photo: Sophie, Wyatt, and Jamie

We’ve always referred to Jamie and Sophie as the first people we met in Lake County. A few days after moving into our home, we decided to spend an afternoon wandering through downtown Lakeport. After spending some time looking at the exhibits in Courthouse Museum and letting the kids play on the cannons in the park, we walked into an antique shop just across the street.

Jamie greeted us from behind the register and immediately befriended us. The truth is, Jamie’s everyone’s friend. She’s one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet and a perfect example of Lake County’s welcoming hospitality. Soon the store became a regular stop for our children, who loved to get Jelly Bellys from the dispenser and talk with Jamie, her daughter Sophie, and son Wyatt for a while.

In the decade since, we’ve watched each other’s children grow up. Sophie was just a teenager then, always friendly to our kids and eager to tell us about her plans for the future, including opening a spa. “When Sophie puts her mind to something,” Jaime always said, “she gets it done.” And Sophie did, going to school, becoming a licensed esthetician, and opening a day spa in Kelseyville. She even pierced our daughter’s ears.

Even in their expanded location at the old Wildhurst tasting room, Jamie still will greet you at the front door. Odds are she’s chatting with another of her many friends, but she’ll always take time for you. And, if you’ve booked an appointment, you’ll get a chance to experience Sophie’s beauty skills. She offers complete makeup services, facials, waxing, and many other treatments.

But if you didn’t make an appointment, don’t worry. The store’s full of beautiful things and stuffed with a combination of locally-made and thoughtful gifts, beauty supplies, and unique items. Each time we visit, we end up picking up something. And, as a testament to Jamie and Sophie’s eye for lovely things, the decorations change regularly. Right now, the store’s a holiday extravaganza. In Spring, it’s bright and festive. And each decorative change creates a new experience; it’s like stepping into a new store each time we visit.

Both our families have changed in the past ten years. “They’re not kids anymore,” Jamie says as we chat one day. Sophie’s just taken another client in for a treatment; ours are at college. “The hardest thing is watching them grow up. But,” she continues, “they have a love for and friendship with their siblings.”

It’s true. While Sophie works her beauty magic and Jamie manages the store, her friend and brother Wyatt stands behind the counter—now he’s selling ice cream. This week, Jaime made the trip to Fort Bragg to pick up Cowlick’s ice cream to sell in their shop. You heard that right. You can pick up some of the best ice cream in Northern California here in Kelseyville. And they’ve got a tasting room as well. Recently they started featuring Monument Mtn. wines. So now you’ve got at least two excuses to show up to your facial a half-hour early.

But Jamie and Sophie aren’t content to just have a spa, gifts shop, ice cream parlor and tasting room; they have more in the works. A large room still sits unused in the back of the store. One day Jamie takes us back to look at her plans. “I want this to be a family place, she says. Wouldn’t this be a nice room for kids to hang out?” But of course, Jamie’s got more than just one idea. “We’re also going to have sip and paint parties back here,” she continues. “And tea parties.”

The room’s half-completed. Silver streamers dangle from the ceiling, twisting in the sunlight—the rough brick walls glimmer with the reflections. A few tables stretch in a line; it’s a blank slate for great ideas that will inevitably come to fruition. As we know, when Sophie puts her mind to something, it gets done.

If you’ve got a chance, be sure to swing by. It’s the perfect place to sip on some wine, enjoy great ice cream, pick up a gift for a loved one, chat with Jamie, and spend a few hours pampering yourself.

Sophie’s Day Spa

3855 Main St, Kelseyville, CA 95451

(707) 279-5039

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