Words have Wings – Poetry by Dawn-Dyanna Dhyanna

Words have Wings

Words are birds
     of feather; they
     tether together
by mutual attraction
     and chemical reaction.
Flocks invent sentences,
     each with scent essences; 
     sweet scents source resonance, 
while scent tenseness makes menace.

Communication murmurations
     may summon the sun,
or feast like buzzards 
     on rot and division.

Your speech far-reaches;
it teaches and preaches.
    Shapes your senses 
and sharpens intenseness; your
     verbs may hurl vipers or virtues.       
Braid your strands of syntax 
     to sympathize synapses,
harness harmonies charmingly …

Offer soothing words like lemon curds.
Dawn-Dyanna Dhyanna

Dawn-Dyanna Dhyanna, M.A. Ecstatic Nature Poet Dawn-Dyanna’s most inspired writing arises in nature – while hiking steep, silent trails in the company of redwoods. Former radio arts talk-show interviewer; intuitive counselor and purveyor of financial services wizardry for 30 years. Poetry is her beloved. Along with an African parrot.

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